Choose Your Level of Support

Some operators like to go slowly, sticking a toe in the water before making a larger commitment. Others immediately see the power of a peer network and access to the online tools and jump right in as soon as they see an opportunity. One size seldom fits all, so Pizza Insight is structured to give you as little (or as much) as you want. Here’s the way the program sorts out:


Level 1

Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Monthly Investment (charged quarterly) 9.00 29.00 49.00 By Invitation
Blatant Bribe Bonus Package (see below)        
Weekly Pizza Insight Slice (tip sheet)        
Weekly Pizza Insight Online e-Letter        
Monthly Roundtable Teleconference        
Monthly Newsletter        
Monthly CD Interview w/Industry Experts        
Consulting Call-In Days        
Unlimited Telephone Consultation        
On-Site Consulting (at special rates)        
Executive Mastermind Group        
Annual Operations Summit        
Access to Online Resources        
  - Daily Food Cost Control System        
  - Restaurant Doctor Seminar Archives        
  - Real-Time Guest Feedback System     1 
  - e-Learning Video Training Courses     1 
  - Staff Selection System     2 
  - Knowledge Base (coming July 2013)        
  - Marketing Calendar (coming April 2013)        
  - Recipe File (coming June 2013)        
 1: Optional @ slight additional monthly fee involved
  2: Included FREE w/online learning system

That’s Pizza Insight in a nutshell ... and it's a lot to get your mind around. If it helps, just think of it as a customizable operating system for independent pizzerias.

Will a Little Bribe Help You Decide?

I’m so sure that becoming a member of Pizza Insight will be a positive game-changer for you that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Even though it may not even be necessary, I’ll send you a shameless bribe to just to test drive a Level 3 membership.

The Instant Gratification Bonus literally contains hundreds of dollars of savings and proven business-building resources ... and I'll send it to you just for having the courage to take PI for a 90-day test drive and evaluate for yourself how it can help you build your business.

Here’s what I’ve put together for you in this incredible bonus:

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #1
You'll get the DVD of my eye-opening presentation "Marketing Secrets of the Soup Nazi: How To Sell More by Offering Less and Making it Harder to Buy" This whole proposition may sound counter-intuitive, but this contrarian session will give you a totally new way to think about how to move product and build sales.

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #2
You'll get Big Dave Ostrander's "tell all" two-CD interview with pizza marketing guru Kamron Karington. You will be a fly on the wall as Big Dave puts Kamron on the hot seat and grills him for several hours on his best sales-building ideas. These CDs are equivalent to getting an instant black belt in pizzeria marketing.

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #3
A disaster is only a situation that you don't know how to handle ... but after you (and your key staff) listen to this CD of Big Dave and me sharing words of wisdom from the School of Hard Knocks – subtly titled "The Day From Hell" – you'll know just what to do when everything hits the fan!

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #4
You'll get a compilation of the best ideas from past years of Pizza Insight interviews. Any of the insights on this power-packed CD could easily put thousands of dollars in your pocket ... if you have the foresight to actually put them into practice!

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #5
You'll get a copy of "Big Bucks With Big Dave," a guide to success in the pizza business. Learn how to find and retain customers, how to manage your income, and much, much more.

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #6
You'll get a Special Report that suggests a simple way to re-define jobs in a way that users tell us can lead to a 20% increase in productivity! That's like dropping your payroll cost by 20%! (We can't vouch for the 20% claim ... but would you complain if the improvement was only half that much?)

Instant Gratification Bonus Gifts #7-13
PLUS seven more special reports covering complaints, service, word-of-mouth, staff selection and more -- valuable insights that we just don't have the energy to describe right now. (Trust us -- it's all good!)

Are You Willing to Give It a Try?